Illegal vs. Acceptable Interview Questions  

Employers are not allowed to ask certain questions, especially those that are personal in nature. Below are the acceptable versions of questions that employers can ask you.

"Have you worked for this company under a different name?"
"Have you ever been convicted of a crime under another name?"
"What are the names of your relatives already employed by this company?" 
Address or Duration of Residence
"What is your place of residence?"
"How long have you been a resident of this state or city?"

"Can you, after employment, submit a work permit if under eighteen?"
"Are you over eighteen years of age?"
"If hired, can you furnish proof of age?"
*Name and address of parent or guardian if applicant is a minor 

*Statement that photograph may be required after employment

*Statement by employer that if hired, applicant may be required to submit proof of authorization to work in the US  

National Origin or Ancestry
*Questions to determine languages applicant reads, speaks, or writes fluently  

*Questions about applicant's academic, vocational, or professional education, schools attended

"What is your work experience?"
"Have you served in the military?"

Criminal Record
"Have you ever been convicted of any crime? Where and disposition of case?"

"What is the name and address of a person to be notified in case of accident or emergency?"

*Organizations, clubs, professional societies, or other associations of which applicant is a member, excluding any groups that indicate the applicant's race, religion, natural origin, disability, or sexual orientation 

Physical Condition
"Can you perform all of the duties outlined in the job description?"
*Statement by employer that all job offers are contingent on passing a physical examination

*Notice to applicant that any misstatements or omissions of material facts in his application may be cause for dismissal

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