The Interview Sign-up Process:


You will sign up for interviews and then wait in the corresponding corner of the arena for your name to be called. Pay attention in this waiting area - if your name is called, you need to be ready to interview immediately. It is most important that you review the list of districts BEFORE you get to the program floor and take part in the interview sign ups. Decide which districts you are most interested in and note their table location on the floor.

Remember that districts DO NOT interview all certification areas, only those that they anticipate having vacancies in. CHECK the signs on the district tables to see if they are interviewing candidates with your certification area(s). If they are not, you should move on to the next district on your list.

A few thoughts...
- Central New York districts are VERY POPULAR and there will be long lines for them. They will fill up their schedules most quickly.
- Interview slots for some districts will still be available after the interviews begin. Check with the corner staff personnel about open interview slots.
- Try not to schedule interviews right after one another. It is better to leave at least a 30 minute time cushion if possible.

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