Registering for Central NY Teacher Recruitment Days 2019

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1. Plan and Prepare. The CNY-TRD website can help you plan and prepare. Helpful info on the site includes a list of attending districts, a typical event schedule, movie clips of the event, job resources, certification offices, and relocation assistance. Also, learn what recruiters have to say about resumes, interviewing, online applications and more.

2. Please be aware that no interview guarantees come with attending CNY-TRD. Obtaining interviews in certification areas where teacher demand is lower (ex. childhood education and physical education) can be challenging. Additionally, expanding your geographic location preferences (ex. out-of-state districts) increases chances of obtaining more interviews.

3. Utilize your college or university's career office for resume and portfolio assistance, practice interview sessions, and for help with additional approaches to your job search.

4. If you have any questions or want additional information about CNY-TRD fully explore this website and contact your college or university career center.

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